Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Tahmoures Pournazeri with “Tahmoures and Us” Film Release

Tahmoures PourNazeri
Tahmoures PourNazeri
Last year, Tahmoures Pournazeri went on stage with his musical performance “Tahmoures and Us”. The video of the performance will be released soon, directed by Reza Mousavi.
Tahmoures Pournazeri, as the composer and performer, has a different and novel standpoint in this performance.
Other performers who accompanied Tahmoures are Tina Jamegarmi (Violin and Piano). Negar Norad (cello), Atena Eshtiaghi (cello and double bass), Hossein Rezaeinia (percussion instruments) anf Arin Keshishi (double bass and bass guitar). Tahmoures plays Tar, Setar, Tanbur and Dotar here and has designed the music with a free outlook on the combination of composition and improvisation.

Reza Mousavi is the artistic director of the performance and the video will be published and released soon.

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