Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sohrab Pournazeri and Antonio Rey join in recording an album in Spain

Sohrab Pournazeri and Antonio Rey
Sohrab Pournazeri, Tanbur and Kamancheh player and composer, who has recently went on stage in the City Theatre of Saint-Malo and ,and…. Festival of Pau in France for Nishtiman 2 project,  has recorded a new album in company of Antonio Rey, the celebrated Flamenco guitarist, in Spain and the two artists are supposed to set up their joint concert  tour in Iran and Europe very soon. 

A part of this work is the improvisational music of the two artists and the other part consists of some pieces based on a fusion of Flamenco and Iranian music.
Sohrab and Antonio went on stage in concert in the 31st Fajr music festival in Iran.

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